Integration With Idibu or Broadbean

Hi there, new to webflow, so I apologise in advance if I missed anything.

Just wondering if anyone has connected a job loader (like Idibu, Broadbean or even JobAdder) and have that information parsed into a collection?

Also building a job alert system via webflow, keen to know if anyone has had some success with that? The new logic feature looks like it might solve some of that.

I was thinking perhaps it could be done if we went idibu → airtable → webflow, just hoping to avoid the middle step if possible.

For the most part, when you’re pulling external content into a Webflow site, you want to pull it into the CMS.

  1. Easier management of the data
  2. Easier integration into your layouts
  3. Fully-designer-supported styling and layout of your content
  4. Generally more performant page requests, since you’re not AJAXing content in

So, yes, you’d go e.g. Idubu → (automation system) → Webflow CMS.

You have a lot of choices for automation systems. Webflow Logic is under development and might work for you if your job loader can “push” new listings / listing updates out to a webhook endpoint.

Other options are Make and Zapier. I like n8n but it’s fairly hardcore.
Make/Integromat has a free-level service that might meet your needs, however it’s been unreliable lately with a bunch of DDoS attacks. Make sure they’re stable again before you commit to that path.

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Hi @wdp :wave: welcome!

I haven’t personally used any of those services specifically, but I’ve done a ton of work setting up similar workflows.

The awesome thing is that most of the processes to make this work are the same across just about any service.

So learn how to do it once, and use that knowledge gained forever.

But… in general, it’s all fairly easy and doable.

If you’re trying to skip that middle step the Webflow Logic Beta will do that for you.

If you can trigger a Webhook from any of the services you mentioned (most services have this), then you can capture it within Logic and add it to your cms collection.

Here’s a tutorial walking through something similar. Swap out a form submission for an “incoming webhook” trigger and your good-2-go:

Depends what kind of “parsing” you want to do, but Logic isn’t at the stage where it can do that right now.

So your next option is something like Make (Integromat) as the “middle step”.

Here’s a tutorial walking through the same thing as Logic above, but with Make instead (just swap out a form submission for a Make Webhook):

Within Make you have all sorts of parsing & converting options to transform your data into something you need.

All of these options have free tiers so it makes it easy to experiment!

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Thank you @ChrisDrit appreciate the response.

Based on the received responses it looks as if I will have to utilise a middleware-type service.

Again, appreciate the time you took to respond.

Thank you @memetican,

I figured this was going to be the best route/path in achieving my goal.

Thanks for the suggestion of n8n, never heard of it before, I might need to stick to zapier though as its the only service I have found that works with Bullhorn CRM.

Appreciate you taking the time out to respond.

Hi @wdp how did you get on with this in the end? Looking to do something similar.

Sorry @ChrisB, we went another path. But I still would like to test this out.