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Integration of an online marketing tool

HI there, we want to use this tool to increase conversion and to collect emails for our ecommerce website, it’s called a spinning wheel, but we can’t implement it. maybe someone here can help, which would be amazing:)) thanks, christine

@fastfutureforwardcw I’m not an instant fan of this product (hadn’t heard of it before either) but it seems you just need to paste the code they give you in the ‘head’ section of the custom code section in your project settings.

HI Sarah,

thanks for your reply. We did exactly what you suggest but unfortunatelly it doesn’t work, we tried a lot of different ways to make it work.

Thanks, Christine


@fastfutureforwardcw :thinking: could you share what exactly you tried and what the results were? Did nothing appear, did it show up but look weird?

HI Sarah, now we managed to integrate it, it works. NOW we need to make the sales code work so that the user who spinned the wheel receives the coupon code he won to actually use it at the checkout process:)) I’ll let you know how we fixed it as soon as we managed it too.
Thanks, Christine

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@fastfutureforwardcw good to know it’s working :slight_smile:

thanks @jennyslate :slight_smile: