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Integration Idea needed


I’m currently building a wellness website (transfer from shopify to webflow) that offers several services,

  1. Free content (allow people to access free contents)
  2. *Membership Library & Content ( I wanna do nutrition, cannabis and herbs data library)
  3. *Digital Products (like free downloads, and paid products)
  4. *Online Course (mini-courses)
  5. *Consulting (I also offer one-on-one consulting service, so I need online booking)
  6. *Sell Physical Product ( I have my own products that wanna sell, I see webflow has this function, unfortunately, there’s no customer login nor discount code

I’m still struggling to find the best solution or integration with webflow
(the * are the ones needed advice)

Thank you

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One website?
I don’t know the relation between the six mentioned, but it appears several sites would be required to accomplish what you want. Maybe a seventh as the main “menu” for all the rest. But if I’m only interested in marijuana, I don’t care about the rest. I suppose the top three could be consolidated because they have only content. This could also include a “Members Only.” section. Easy enough to create a nice blog site for all that. The selling site(s) would be more complicated of course and require more resources. #5 should absolutely be by itself if you want credibility as a consulting professional.
That’s a lot of nice work to keep busy for a while.

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Umm That makes a lot of sense.

Yeah, my original idea is to run an online apothecary where there’s a digital library and workshops for members, one on one consultation if needed and custom cannabis blend.
The free content is just the taste for people who isn’t ready to purchase yet or turn them into a member or client.

Thanks for your opinion, it helps me to rethink x