Integration for business hours


My client wants me to integrate something into the website that he can automate/modify opening/closing hours by himself easily. I made a cms collection that he can modify on editor but he wants me to integrate some more advanced addon/pluging.

Do you have an idea what i can offer to him?


you need to include Js library to do this

include it like this an set business hour and days .Here is the cdn links.

not so conplicated, but you need to have a minimal kwoledge in JS to do this. no code is no code until you need to code.

set as solved if you think it is.

set as solved if you think it is.

If you were to go down that path I would make the recommendation to use day.js instead. Moment is depreciated.

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Thanks for that.

Some dev from the company I was building the site for recomend it…