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Integrating Wufoo with Webflow help

Hi All,
Long story short we are creating a email sign up on our site that has an auto responder tied to it. The idea was a user would input their email and campaign monitor would then send out an auto responder. Problem we ran into was using the action= (Like integrating mail chip) cause campaign monitor to require a Captcha input at an external page. The work around was to create a Wufoo form. I really want to use Webflows built in form designer. Is there a way to enter the acton= field of a Wufoo form and then have it verify the post code? I found the help here from Wufoo but can’t seem to get it to work.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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Webflow supports changing the action=. Here’s a tutorial on how to get the POST information from Mailchimp:, but I’m not sure where to get this information for Wufoo.