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Integrating with Chargebee?


We’re integrating with Chargebee for our subscriptions and for each plan they supply us with a drop in script that looks similar to the below, which is meant to go inside a button:

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-cb-type="checkout" data-cb-plan-id="mystery-book-subscription---uk---monthly" >subscribe</a>

The issue is, Webflow doesn’t seem to accommodate this. Is there a way to make the above trigger on click- in an easy way?

Thanks in advance!

To clarify, have you tried using an HTML Embed element to place this inside?


Thanks for getting back to me!

Yes I have (and it works) but the issue is it is underlined and I can’t seem to change this and also it’s just a text link so only the actual text can be clicked rather than a button, which makes the styling of the site rather tricky!

Hey @Ben_Johns! Consider checking out our app Simple Subscriptions for Webflow Shops, it’s a native subscription app for Webflow shops that works alongside Webflow Ecom, so set up is a breeze.

Let me know if you want to try it out and we can help you get set up.

If styling is an issue you should be able to add an existing class to the code in your embed element. I would also take a guess that you could simply add the data attributes using ‘Custom Attributes’ setting to a native webflow button and it would work as expected.