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Integrating with Affiliatly affiliate program

Hi! My client wants to use Affiliatly for their affiliate program. This is my first rodeo for both ecommerce and adding an affiliate program so I’m stumbling in the dark here a little. Affiliatly provided code to add to the site, no sweat. But they also say this regarding tracking purchases:

Add this code on the page where the purchase is made and the user has paid for it (i.e. ‘Thank You’ page)
‘order’ and ‘price’ must be replaced with your data i.e.

  • ‘order’ - the unique ID of the order, we are using it to prevent fake earnings for affiliates
  • ‘price’ - the price of the order, we are using it calculate the earnings for affiliates, must be without the currency sign

What I’m unclear on is how to replace the data. If each purchase has a unique order number, how can I enter that into the code? Similarly, if each purchase is a different amount, what then? Basically, I just don’t understand this very well. I’ve reached out to Affiliatly support and it’s not the best. If anyone here knows how to wire this together I’ll dance at your wedding.


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How is Affiliatly working out for your webflow site? The client wants to switch to SECOMAPP Shopify but am open to other solutions.