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Integrating React-Soundplayer into Webflow


I want to integrate React-Soundplayer ( into my simple Webflow one scroll page. Essentially I’m looking to add multiple instances of single-track SoundCloud Players onto my page, but with a custom UI.

This react-soundplayer allows me to do that and I’m interested in using the ProgressSoundPlayer.js style player, shown further down in the URL I included above.

Can someone please help me integrate this react sound player?

Thank you so much!

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Hi Chris,
wow, I have been searching high and low for a custom player that is simple, minimalistic and easy to use like this for quite some time! this is pretty cool. So, glad I came across your entry.
I’m a music producer and also want to integrate my souncloud tracks into a Webflow site
but not the normal way. I’d like it without the icons, comments, share buttons and all that jazz that comes along with the normal Soundcloud embedded code.

Please let us know how and if you’ve gotten this to work. im eager to know.
i’m presuming you’ve already tried copying the code to the custom code section, right?
if not try and paste it in the footer section: the.