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Integrating PagSeguro E-Commerce with your Webflow site

Hello, I have done a small shop Integrated in the CMS for a Brazilian museum using
PagSeguro (


Hey @discovoador, i`m Brazilian too, and i really want o know how can i apply the solution that you implemented in your site. It looks awesome!

Hello Marcelo,

In PagSeguro create a “botão de pagamento”. Copy the code.
In Webflow create a collection, that is going to be your product listing (grid) and product detail-page. You should add a text-field called “Produto ID”.
Still in the Designer, go to the product detail-page template and in the place you want your “Comprar” button to appear, you should use a Embed widget where you paste the button code you got from Pagseguro. In that code as you can see in the screen grab attached, on the line 4, Webflow allow you to choose one of your collection field for the value. You choose then, the “Produto ID” field you have created before. So, now you can create products via the CMS/FrontEnd. Remember, in Pagseguro, create a new button for each product you have in your store and get the Product ID.
I will send you a read-only link so you can see inside. In case you have questions let me know.

Greetings from Fortaleza.

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