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Integrating MYOB EXO Business into Webflow

Hi, I’ve been creating a website for our business, and I’ve come to a point where we want to put the information we have in MYOB EXO Business into our Webflow site.

I don’t know how to go about this. I can’t find anything about this being a feature like the other eCommerce sites, such as; Shopify and WordPress.

Is this even an option, or do I have to go elsewhere and create a whole new site? If anyone can help me work this out, it’d be much appreciated.

From the looks of this you would need to be running on a supported platform where you can connect via the cloud and run a supported language. Webflow does not allow you to run one.

MYOB EXO Business API Docs

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Hmm, alright. I thought, seeing as Xero was able to integrate with Webflow, MYOB would be able to do so as well. What if I were to integrate Shopify into Webflow then integrate MYOB into Shopify? Would that solve my connection and have everything link up?

You may be able to build an integration with the exo api via integromat. I’ve used one of the other MYOB product apis before. Webflow does not have customer accounts yet. This could impact on the reliability of any integration you build as it would rely on a search by email when creating the order in exo and there are scenarios where relying on this search causes a lot of issues.

On saying this, once you build an integration with integromat, the advantage is the functionality does not slow your website. You also have full control over the integration . It’s really your own app in a lot of ways. I built a xero / shopify integromat scenario that works better other Shopify app store products.

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