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Integrating Monto + Webflow (Re: Product ID field)

When / where is the Product ID generated in Webflow CMS?

I’m using Monto to add a review section, but some CMS items don’t have a Product ID.

I’m using Airtable Forms to add new CMS items in addition to manually adding them to the Webflow CMS.


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Technically there’s a collection item id (I believe) although this can change so I wouldn’t recommend using it. For my client using Monto I just ended up using the slug:


Since the slug is unique it’s worked out just fine for us :+1:

Thank you @mikeyevin!!

@chrisviglietta – product ID isn’t necessary in Monto’s review widget. Like Mike said, it’s only necessary to give the slug of the “reviewable” item (which doesn’t necessarily need to be an ecommerce product, just needs to be organized in Webflow CMS).

Alternatively you can also scope your review widgets to cover all reviewable items or multiple reviewable items (see docs here).

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