Integrating Hygraph or With Webflow

Hey there everyone.

Recently a client approached me and he wants me to set up a third-party headless CMS (Hygraph or Sanity.) I was wondering if it’s possible to do this in webflow, design and develop a website itself with webflow, and then connect a third-party CMS such as hygraph for example.

I assume it’s possible to do this if we add custom JavaScript code with API calls to hygraph but I’m not sure if webflow supports graphql integration.

Done some digging on the forum but didn’t manage to find anyone who is doing this.

All the ideas and answers are very welcome.

Thanks in advance!

You have to integrate server side, not from frontend if you want to have good seo results. Basically you have to sync their CMS with the Webflow one, if you render by using javascript google will not see everytime your cms items

Could you explain how to do that? I am wanting to get my customer’s Sanity CMS to display on the Webflow site.

You have to sync sanity CMS with Webflow CMS, webflow has apis explained here Webflow API and Documentation | Webflow and Sanity explains those here: HTTP API (

Funnily enough, I’ve thought about doing this recently with Sanity. My thinking is that I would have Sanity sync over bare-bones content to webflow CMS (convert the json markup to webflow’s rich text) for SEO – then on the front end load in the richer content from sanity over the top of the CMS content.

You can sync your content by setting up a webhook on sanity (I imagine you can also do this on hygraph) and routing it through either, zapier – or edge function.