Integrating Google Analytics with CMS

Hello everyone.

I tried searching for this topic but couldn’t find the answer to my question.

I added my classic Google Analytics ID code to the Analytics tab of my site’s settings, but I am wondering how I can track the various dynamic CMS blogs that I post.

For example: I would post 10 different blogs/articles and would like to see the analytics associated with each post.

Any insight would be much appreciated.


I believe they should show up in your Google Analytics Dashboard as the Google Analytics ID is a global element. Let me double check with the team and get back to you @moserrw :slight_smile:

Hi @moserrw, thanks for the question. @Waldo is correct, the analytics should show up if the analytics code is working correctly and is placed in the Head section of your Custom Code tab of site settings.

Do you have an example published URL to one of your blog posts? I am happy to check if Google is reading the analytics code ok or if there is some issue with the code setup.

Thanks in advance!

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@cyberdave Thank you much. In the past, I would have to embed a different code on every page to get the analytics for that specific page (iWeb). Thanks again!

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