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Hi everyone,

Has anyone had any experience integrating Crisp’s messaging system with Webflow?

After I saw this post:

I really liked the pricing and decided to give it a try, instead of the usual Chatra, where you just have to past the code on each page (but more expensive).

I’ve tried placing the code everywhere to no avail…
This is the code, and instructions:

You can just imbed that into your Webflow project with the ‘embed’ function…

(Have you seen Chatra? --> it’s what I use, works really well and cheaper :wink: )

Thanks @Kia
I’ve tried the embed, didn’t work… And Chatra is what I use :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m looking at Crisp as an alternative, which is a nice offer for the free plan :slight_smile:

Well… for those who want to know:

It goes on the custom code tab, under head code, so it’s applied to all website, and not to the chosen pages like Chatra :slight_smile:
But, I found out that it takes time… I waited some time to the widget actually appear

Hi @IggsTP,

I also got hooked by their free plan and installed it on my site. It worked straight away.

Something related to cache maybe?

Their free plan is perfect for me, and it allows me to design websites and then let the client upgrade to what plan they wish :smiley:

I thought so, but I tried to reset the cache and nothing happened… Had to way a couple hours, so maybe my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

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