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Integrating Adobe Captivate into Webflow


I am building out a site for my job (I manage our internal website), and we’re trying to figure out how to integrate a virtual tour into the site. The idea is that we would build the VR tour in Adobe Captivate and then we could link to the Captivate tour using an iframe on the site. But what I don’t know how to do is actually publish the Captivate tour in a way that can be linked. (The publishing to HTML option just publishes to my local drive?) How would I upload this to a web server or something else that I could then link to in the iframe?

I am new to web design and coding and I’m not sure how this would work. Please help!

Nice to see hyou back Hannah,

By owning space on a web server. Virtual web servers can be as cheap as a few dollars a month. Be careful with cloud services who offer direct links to files, they’re not meant to be web servers. It coiuld work but it could be unreliable.

Check Netlify, this is a new generation hosting service. It syncs with Github but not only. It has free tiers and once your files there, you just have to make an iframe in Webflow.