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Integrating ActOn forms with Webflow forms

Hi, I’m having trouble integrating ActOn forms with my Webflow site. Here’s the read-only link to my site:

It’s the form on the contact page for starters (I have a demo request form as well but I should be able to duplicate what I learn here for that one).

I found this forum topic (Act-On / Webflow Form integration) which is basically exactly what I’m trying to do but I don’t understand how to implement the final solution found in that topic.

Apparently, Webflow hosting server uses ajax (whatever that means) so I have to use the jquery method (I think) and I have no experience with code so I’m at a loss for how to implement the final step of the instructions: “your call to the above function will need to be placed in the appropriate place for your form…” I’m not sure what that means or how to do that with Webflow.

Will I have to export my entire site, edit the code, then re-upload it somehow? No experience with that.

Can you help a non-coder understand how and where to place these bits of code on my site?

Thanks so much!

Bueler. Bueler. Bueler. Anyone. Anyone.


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