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Integrated responsive navbar


I have created a second navbar on my website. It works great for the desktop version, but as soon as I change to tablet/phone I end up having a second drop down menu.

What I need is 2 navbars on the desktop version, and then ONE drop down menu with submenus for the sections. I was able to make that part happen, but I want them to appear only when the main section is selected! At the moment the drop down shows all the sections and subsections and it is too busy:

Is there any way to make that happen?

Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @cjeancouture,
Interesting concept.

If I understood you correct, for make it work as you want, you could wrap “secondary links” on every section with divs. Then make that divs position: absolute and use absolute alignment/positioning for putting that div exactly on secondary nav position.
Then make them display: none and opacity: 0% and use interaction with hover trigger for showing particular div when you hover/click “main section”


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