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Integrate p5 JS into project

Hi there,

I’ve received a few questions about implementing p5 JS into Webflow projects so tonight, at 9pm CST, I’ll quickly go through the integration.

Feel free to set a YouTube reminder at

Cloneable project:

Live site:

Hopefully this is helpful :bowing_man:


Hi @mistercreate,

Thanks for posting this tutorial! I was wondering if you have any experience with P5’s P5.serial library and whether it is possible to integrate P5.serial into a Webflow site?

My plan right now is to fully code an interface that includes P5.serial, but using Webflow would save me a lot of time and pain!

@mistercreate Such a great vid thanks so much! Would be really keen to follow along some instructions for doing a similar thing with p5 sound libraries in webflow