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Integrate order and payment form -

Hey @foxy! Great question! Pricing is definitely required to use Flexkit…

Of course. :slight_smile: I was more asking which pricing applies to Flexkit. Pricing found here: or here:


@foxy Looks like the pricing link you provided goes to our current pricing page:

We’ve soft launched Flexkit a week ago so the marketing video links, tutorials, implementation and and pricing page for Plasso Pro hasn’t been released (publicly). The temporary URL for the new pricing page is hidden. Apologies for the confusion Josh :wink:

If you’d like me to show you a demo, I’d be happy to help! You can also see real examples of Flexkit here on Jsbin and on this webflow user’s page:

Thanks for clarifying. So it looks like Plasso Pro pricing is required for Flexkit.

Thanks again,

Hi @RoseWebStudio, I’ve used Cognito a bunch, really great tool. Accepting payments via Stripe with it is a cinch and I’ve got a live version here on webflow. Works like a charm.

What would you like to know?

Thanks looks great, I will give it a go, Cognito pricing is very reasonable too. I will reach out if I get stuck if that’s ok?

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@paywithplasso this is really awesome… just a shame the pricing structure will be a hard sell I think. But a really cool idea and I’d like to test it out but not at that price.

@chiefmonkey Thanks for the recognition! The team has been working pretty hard on this :muscle:. There’s really no other product on the market that allows a user to design their own payment forms/user authentication system with straight HTML/CSS while tying into fully functioning ecommerce platform built on Stripe. Plasso as a platform has evolved SO much in the past 4 years. From a development standpoint, the pricing per month includes 0% Plasso transaction fee’s, Plasso branding removed, API access, and access to all of our other products (Membership, Storefront, Invoicing, Pay Me, and Billing).

We’re shifting our UI around in the next few weeks as @drewwilson, our CEO, does another :rocket:

Oh wow API too which has been something on my wishlist. Nice one guys.

Yes the integration looks unbelievable and I can’t wait to get a customer for it to try this out on.

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