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Integrate Magento with Webflow site - seeking Freelancer

Hi. I’m new here so apologies if I’m getting anything wrong.

I have a working Magento site - the front end of which is poor. Can I build a new front end with Webflow? and is there a Freelancer out there who can link the two up?

Many thanks,

Hi @Briany_Hearne,

We are a design studio (Dotted Designs - We specialise in website redesigns in webflow.
I believe we can assist you with your request.

Please will you send a mail to if you are still interested and include the specifics of the project.

Kind Regards,
Vihan Van Der Walt

HI Briany

Wondering if you found anyone, I too have a Magento existing site / codebase that I’m using a new Webflow Site to make all pretty n’snazy.

thanks for sharing any good talent finds :wink: