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Integrate existing website into Webflow

Hello webflow community,

I have a simple question: is it possible in general to integrate an existing and static website into webflow? And if so could anybody recommend a freelancer or webflow expert that could do that? I simply lack the time to get into that step by step and I want to add a shop and blog to my existing website. I prefer to have the website running in webflow completely rather than to just add 2 pages to the site that are hosted by webflow.

I hope that I could get my point across. Questions? Feel free to ask. Looking forward to your replies.


Hi @Cutting_Colors, and welcome to the Webflow Forums. :slight_smile:

Currently, there is no way to import existing sites into Webflow. You’ll need to build them from a blank project, an existing Webflow project, or a Webflow template.

If you want to extend your outreach for looking to hire a freelancer, check out our Webflow Experts program, where we have Webflow-endorsed partners who can help with your project. Also, if you haven’t checked it out already, join and check out the Webflow Designers Facebook group to post about looking for someone to help you with your project.