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Integrate Adapt Authoring Tool with WebFlow (e-learning)

Hi Webflowers!

So I’ve created an online course for a client using the Adapt authoring tool. The Adapt authoring tool is a server-based web application, and is HTML / SCORM compatible. They would like to have the course available on their website.

I’m using to give users login capabilities, which is awesome. Currently I’m hosting the adapt authoring course on Moodle Cloud, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to upload the adapt authoring tool directly into WebFlow? Since all it is is HTML5 and is SCORM compatible, is this doable?

Thank you in advance! I’m also curious to see other e-learning websites.


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Your tool has prerequisites that can’t be met by Webflow. You would need to host it somewhere that meets the requirements.

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Okay - got it. Moodle meets the requirements of hosting this tool, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to integrate Moodle Cloud with Webflow?

Or would I just need to create a link to my Moodle course on a webflow page and have users sign in through there?

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That would be the path I would choose.


@Duncan_Anderson What was the solution you implemented in the end?