Instructions for Creating the Hover Effects Used for the Escape Template Blog Page

I’ve been carefully following along with the video: Building a blog from scratch using the CMS (, and I’d like to learn how to create the hover effects used on the blog page.

In the video, the narrator refers to the Webflow Escape template (time: 15:40):

“Now this is where the fun begins. Now we can start to add elements into these lists, style them, and then bind them directly to our content. Because I don’t want to spend too much time on design, and more on the Webflow CMS, I’m going to speed fairly quickly through much of the design process.

But remember, this template is free, so feel obligated [sic] to peek around at any of the styles or layouts this template has in your Webflow account.

I’ve fallen for this twice, and taken the time to find and download the template, but it does NOT include the blog pages that the narrator is discussing.

I’ve also watched the tutorial on interactions How to set up a hover interaction (, but the UI in the video doesn’t match the latest version of Webflow, and it doesn’t explain how to add an interaction to a background image in a dynamic list, which is what is shown in the first video.

Is there any recent and updated instructional material that shows how to create the hover effect used for
the Escape template blog page?

Here is my public share link: [

Here’s the answer to my own question:

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