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Install Shoprocket E-Commerce in your Webflow site

@Matty Here is the share link

After initially looking through the documentation and chatting with ShopRocket support it only took a very minimal amount of time to get this setup. Clearly, this is a rough sample.

Hi all glad to hear you like what we’re doing. I’ve made a very quick 2 minute video to show how to install Shoprocket, it may not be quite the same process for webflow users, but hopefully it will help.

Any questions feel free to ask me directly, I’m usually online in our chat box too, which you can find on our website homepage.

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@jdesign @PixelGeek

Thanks, I added shoprocket with embed code which displays the products, but how would I customize the look of each heading, e.g product name, product description ect I would assume I would need to add a class to them but how is that possible to do within webflow when I addded it as embed code?

Here is the link

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@Matty If I understand your question correctly you can use the class assigned to each heading, product name, etc by creating the class in the style editor and then making the changes.

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