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Install Hubspot AND Google Tag Manager


Does anyone have experience adding Google Tag Manager AND Hubspot Tag manager together? When I put the code for both into the ‘Footer Code’ on the ‘Custom Code’ tab, only the first one publishes to the website. Is there any way for both to be added and published together?

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only:

@yourbigbank - HubSpot doesn’t have a tag manager as far as I’m aware, they just provide a tracking script that could be injected directly into the page or preferably in Google Tag Manager if you’re already using that.

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Thank you for your help.

@yourbigbank - no problem, if you need help implementing let me know, essentially you just need to create the HubSpot tag using Custom HTML in GTM and then apply the All Pages page view trigger.

Hi Sam, so the code for hubspot no longer goes on the site, it goes in their google tag manager correct?

@engine7design - it’s kind of your call. If using GTM just insert it there, otherwise you can still put it directly into the site code if you want.

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Thanks! Any chance you know where to stick this code?

@engine7design - just drop it into a custom html tag on GTM and fire on all pages:

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