Instagram Lightwidget adding extra spacing (solved)

After reading some other recommendations for Instagram widgets, I’ve decided to use lightwidget and like it so far (I’ve used it on a few sites now). The only problem is on this new site, it seems like I’m getting some extra margin below the widget, which is adding some unnecessary space before the footer.

I didn’t have this problem on the other site I used it on, and I’ve made sure there is no margin on the HTML embed, or on the footer itself There are very few layout options on lightwidget, and I’ve set all the padding to 0. How can I get rid of that space?

Link to view (to see the IG widget) -
Link to webflow -

Edit : The guys at lightwidget got back to me, and we ended up solving it. The parent container with the HTML embed needs to have a lineheight setting of 0px, otherwise it’ll add some extra space.


I also noticed a white gap on the right side as well. This is caused by the widget tiles only having 2 decimal places in percentage unit for the width value instead of 3 for example. Right now the width on mine is 12.65% (set by Lightwidget), and shows a small gap on the right, when the width at 12.666% removes the gap and fits perfectly.

I wrote Lightwidget about this, so we’ll see what they say.
Thanks for posting this though. Was driving me nuts! :raised_hands:t3:


Thank you! This had been annoying me for ages!!