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Instagram feed widget won't work on live site

I’ve posted before about issues with my instagram widget however this time it works perfectly fine within webflow but I’m receiving a 404 error on the live site once I’ve posted to my hosting provider.

Here it works in Webflow:

And here’s the live site where it no longer works:

Hoping to get this resolved fairly quickly as we’re expecting a high volume of traffic to our site over the coming week or so. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hey there!

First of all, beautiful site. :thumbsup:

Second, off the top of my head, have seen if it makes a difference by removing two slashes at the start of the domain name for both “src” entries?


Hi @Andy_Kenney, are you still having an issue with this? I went to the customer published site and I see this:

If you still need help, let me know @cyberdave :slight_smile:

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As @cyberdave said, it is showing up for me now as well.

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