Instagram Feed Not Square

I would like to embed my instagram feed to my homepage but I can’t figure out how to make it appear square… it cuts off half the image and I have tried inputting the measurements but nothing. Using the code from SnapWidget
How do I do this?

Hello Karolina. Would you mind sharing a read-only for your website so we can help you?


Can I make my Submit Button go to cart ?
Also trying to figure this out?

Let’s first fix the first problem. Where are you trying to drop to widget? I can’t find it!

(or you still haven’t uploaded it yet?)

I removed it since its live.
I am using the Embed code in the assets and I copy and paste the code inside.
It appears cut off.

I figured out the E-Com for now.

Can you please forward that code to me please so I can have a look? I cant access any code from the assets panel. I will try to replicate that on a website of mine and see what’s happening. Also, make sure you have the “responsiveness” turned on when grabbing the code from SnapWidget

<!-- SnapWidget -->

There’s nothing written in here hehe


Looks like SnapWidget has a monthly fee. If you want something that works great out of the box for a $10 flat fee, I would recommend (I’m not affiliated, I just like the plugin)