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Instagram Feed ending API service in February

Hi there.

On this site we’re using a widget from Udesly to manage the Instagram feed (Great widget, it works really well!)

We’ve just heard that 'Instagram is going to end the API service at the end of February ', and Udesly have commented that they are working on a solution to keep the widget alive.

The end of February is near, if we need to find another way of getting the Instagram feed into Webflow, how are other people doing this?


Hi Grant,

Moving forward, I am going to pass instagram posts via integromat directly into Webflow CMS.

Webflow did a vid on the zapier version of the same approach

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Thanks Hamish. I’ll check it out.


For anybody else wondering about this, another option might be Elfsight’s Instagram feed widget. I have from them and they said their Instagram Feed widget will keep on working fine - Will probably go with that if the Udesly option gets tricky.