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Inserting images into grid

i’ve got little problem with creating web using grid in webflow.

I’ve just made a grid and inside of each column i’ve inserted another grids. Now when i’m trying to put some image into cells of child grid images just replacing child grid. But sometimes i’ve menaged to put them into. It is some sort of bug? It is so annoing… i’m trying to put them and grid is almost always being replaced. Maybe there is some other way to put images then drag and drop?

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I’d honestly avoid using grid unless it’s completely necessary for complex layouts. Can you explain more what you’re trying to do? Usually columns can handle pretty much anything you’d need for layouts without dealing with the complexity of grid.

Hi, yes i understand that, but it is not the answer. There is really no difference what i’m using here.
The problem is (i think) in the behaviour of webflow compositor - cause it is just hard to put image into the right cell - when i’m dragging it around it is getting inside every single cell i’m running over with the cursor. - here is what i’m trying to achievie - as you can see i’ve already managed to put two images in the left column, but i can’t put additional image in the right column - cause it is always replacing the inner column grid.

Ok, i’ve menaged to do that - when you dragging image from library it turns into tree with site elements - you can put elements in the tree.

Honestly, I don’t use grid cuz I personally hate it. I don’t like the constraints of it and I honestly believe it is unnecessary for 99% of layouts.

You haven’t provided your public link so I can’t really help you unfortunately. But it seems like you may have figured it out. But feel free to reply if you have specific questions.