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Inserting images from CMS into design

I’m a 2 week old user of Webflow. I’m a 1 day old user of a CMS - been in the computer/web business for decades yet NEVER used one.
Today I followed Webflow U video on setting up a CMS and how to use it in design.

I have an image in Project Image

I have Project Images and Multi-Images.
Yet when I try to insert an image using design I only get the choice of the single ‘Project Image’.

How do I access the other images in the CMS?

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hi @JimF you have probably missed on WFU a lesson about nested collections.

:+1: :grinning:

Thanks for the links. I’m busy watching all the WFU videos So I guess I’d see it eventually

hi @JimF if you do not have further questions as provided links give you all you need to know feel free to close your issue as solved.

IMO: Globally is common or let say good practice to read manual before use anything we would like to use. Of course there is another method trial and error but on the end we will end up by reading manual anyway. Result will be identical but it just take more time :wink:

Have a great day

hi @JimF do you need further assistance with your request? If not please close it as solved

Thank you