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Inserting HTML5 generated by Google Swiffy

I’m trying to insert HTML5 code generated by Google Swiffy – it converts .swf files to .html.
I get the error message from Webflow: “post body code must not exceed 20,000 characters.”

If I use the EMBED widget, it simply cuts off the code about half way.
I don’t see a way to upload the .html and then maybe use iframe tag to get around this?

What else can I do?

Hello, thanks for your question, we have a hard limit of 20,000 characters for any embedded code snippets in Webflow. This is to keep our systems running at optimal levels. Maybe you can find another solution to link to this swf file by using a free Amazon storage account, dropbox, rack space or other CDN. We are working on new functionalities in regards to file storage for the future. Hopefully this answers your question.


20,000 is really not that long. This was a small .swf file that got converted to HTML5.

I was able to easily insert this last night in Weebly: <-- conversion from

I don’t think I’m slowing Weebly down; everything appears to be smooth.

I’m sorry, but you lost a customer/website on this one. I hope you guys reconsider.

Hi, as I mentioned, we are working on new updates to functionalities, so we can address this and see what we can do. I cannot say how Weebly functions or what their internal setup is like, but thanks for sharing that info. We usually do not have this 20000 Max char issue very often, so the 20k limit was a number picked for best optimum use in planning storage and data requirements. We have noted your request and we will look at this, to see if it might be something we can change.

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