Inserting custom script via CMS

Hi Guys,

Perhaps you can provide some friendly advice as I’ve hit a wall:

I would like to insert custom script into a page.

  1. I have added a Custom Field “Rich Text Script” to my CMS collection

  1. I have added the script into the field on the page CMS

For reference this is the script (its a JW video player)

<script src=""></script>

  1. I have added a Rich Text Field in the page builder and linked it to the CMS field

  1. The code is not appearing on the live page.

  2. The code works if i embed it directly to the page, but not if i feed it in via CMS field :tired_face:

Please reply with any suggestions, it absolutely needs to work via CMS as there are many pages with unique embed codes

Thank You

Here is my public share link: []1
(how to access public share link)

Hello Thai, you’ll need to share your project readonly link for the community to help you.
Instructions are at the bottom of your post.

Thanks Michael, link has been updated

perhaps i need to add tags before and after the script so that the rich text knows it is code? for example ’ and ’ ?

Here’s the link to the published page you are pointing to in your readonly share-

It looks wired up correctly and your code is rendering fine-


Video plays fine as well-

If you see the video window but it contains an error -


You likely have an ad blocker installed that’s blocking the video URLs;