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Inserting a date

Date Insertion

Hi, I want to insert the date into my website. For example, if you go to this website, it gives you the date on which you are viewing the website at the top right corner. How do I do this for my website?

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Check this out

It uses script that put into embed
Notes “be sure to check on different browsers for potential broken result”

<script language="JavaScript">
function PageDate()
currentDate = new Date()
with (currentDate)
if (day==1){document.write(' Monday')}
if (day==2){document.write(' Tuesday')}
if (day==3){document.write(' Wednesday')}
if (day==4){document.write(' Thursday')}
if (day==5){document.write(' Friday')}
if (day==6){document.write(' Saturday')}
if (day==0){document.write(' Sunday')}
document.write(', ')
if (month==0){document.write('Jan. ')}
if (month==1){document.write('Feb. ')}
if (month==2){document.write('March ')}
if (month==3){document.write('Apr. ')}
if (month==4){document.write('May. ')}
if (month==5){document.write('Jun. ')}
if (month==6){document.write('Jul. ')}
if (month==7){document.write('Aug. ')}
if (month==8){document.write('Sept. ')}
if (month==9){document.write('Oct. ')}
if (month==10){document.write('Nov. ')}
if (month==11){document.write('Dec. ')}
this.document.write(getDate()+', '+getFullYear())


Hey @pastiwibawa, I really like your livehelper webflow concept.


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@gosselin07 thanks :smiley: