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Inserting a banner into a CMS Rich Text Element

I’d like to insert a banner into my Rich Text element. My first idea was to insert HTML into it, but I don’t think that’s possible. Now what I’m doing is creating two Rich Text CMS fields, and inserting the banner in between them in my template.

Is there a better way to do this?

Hey @mikey555, no i don’t see better way to do this :frowning:
This is a requested option

And apparently should be available soon !

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Thanks. Is there currently a way to add any custom HTML to rich text?

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@mikey555, from what i know no. I don’t even see an easy workaround…
What do you want to embed by the way ?
Are you sure it doesn’t fit with ?

If you can find the app you want to embed in this list, it means it’s already included in webflow and you just have to paste your link here in the CMS

I looked through the embedly providers list but I don’t immediately see an option that will let me simply embed html. I wonder if the embed feature could eventually also be used to embed HTML as well. Is there a feature request area?

@mikey555 Webflow has a wishlist here
With a roadmap for featured most upvoted.
Hope this helps,