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Insert Site Map into project on Lite plan, help?


Did Webflow again change the plan prices and features and is nickle and diming us again?

I am a Lite Account plan customer.
I need to insert a site map into my site.
This automatic site plan is not an option under the Lite plan nor can I insert one into it. Is the only way really to give these people more money?>

I went to another builder because of this silliness of driving away customers with less than honest pricing, now I guess I made the mistake again.

Help, anyone?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The sitemaps feature comes with a site plan (hosting). Which makes sense. If you are hosting your own exported site, you can build one easily in notepad or use an online tool to crank one out for you.

Dear WebDev:
I am grateful for the reply. But, why wouldn’t you tell a novice web builder (I do about three or four a year) that we have changed the rules and we want to cut off the basic services that other web builders offer. So, no it does not make sense.

Hey, you think you can perhaps give a step by step for me and the many others that have experienced Webflow’s pain and inconsideration for us? How do you easily build one. Can you simply talk a novice through it. Then where do I insert it? In the header code area?
Dev, I don’t live and breath this but I am trying. Just sucks when Webflow pulls the rug out and we lose total faith in the brand. Hey, can you recommend another one like Webflow that has basic customer principals and isn’t as swarmy with the bait and switch practices?


I think you may be reading too deep into what I said. I’m just a guy out here making a living.

As to a sitemap via Webflow, as I said it is provided on paid hosting plans. If you want to know more I suggest determining if you actually need one. For that, Google has some information: