Insert/paste a long list/table

Hi Ho,

I have a long playlist with 3 columns: number, title, artist.

What is the easiest way to insert it to my page with the ability to design it, without typing everything?


Hi @avivtech, at the moment there is not a table import, however you could create a cms collection with number, title and artist fields, then copy and paste those values for each row into the collection, and then setup a dynamic template page or dynamic list to display those values from the cms.

On the dynamic list, you can insert a row and 3 columns in the dynamic item, and then put a text block in each column and bind to each field.

The result would be a 3 column dynamic collection showing those three fields for each record/row.

Post the read-only link to your site, and it will be a lot easier to visualize and help :slight_smile: