Insert CMS title inside rich text element in the cms editor

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create local landing pages for my HVAC website using cms and would like to insert city names inside a rich text element. For example, if my cms landing page name is Cleveland, oh, I would like to have a paragraph reading “HVAC sales, service,… [Cleveland, oh]” inside my cms rich text block. I cannot figure out how to do this but it seems like a feature that would be greatly handy for SEO purposes.

I apologize in advance if this question has been answered before (I could not find it) or does not make sense. Let me know if there needs to be more clarification.

Thank you!

You can drag a heading component before the rich text block and set it to the CMS item’s title.

I’d like to add the component mid sentence like you can when editing the meta data.

Google brought me to this old post

I am assuming you mean adding a title tag to an anchor text inside of the CMS rich text field?. If this is so I too am curious if there is a feature for this as I have looked all over the Webflow forums and have turned up nothing.

If you mean about the CMS item itself simply add a plain text field labeled “meta title” then go into the CMS page template settings and select it from the drop down in SEO Settings.

Blockquote a good example of that is here: Dynamic SEO and Open Graph Settings