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Insert CMS Text to Rich Text Field

I need help figuring out why I am unable to add my CMS text to the rich text field.
I am currently on the 21day Portfolio course and a part of it is about adding and editing rich text and then adding the project description to it, but I am just not able to do it as it says there is NO FIELD TO CONNECT.

I had a look at the clone project as well and everything seems fine.
PS: I have attached the screenshot.

Please help…

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Read Only Link

I think I was able to crack it, I changed the CMS text body to rich text

But now when I insert the CMS text in the rich field box, my heading is not appearing.

Yeah fields on the site needs to be the same “type” as the ones in the CMS. Text to text, rich text to rich text, image to image etc.

What heading? You can just add a heading to the CMS field? If you need to add the title somewhere, insert a text field and bind it to the CMS name/title field.