Insert a Soft Hyphen

Hi there. Is it possible to insert a soft hyphen in any text?

Hi @jwssnr can you please follow the posting guidelines here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category Cheers!

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Hi cyberdave. Sorry, I don’t understand. It’s just general question.
Before i’ve posted this topic i’ve searched the forum for the subject “soft hyphen”. There where no threads.
So i made one in categorie “Need help”. Whats wrong about this?
Maybe it’s my lowbudget english, but come on, it should not be that complicate to get help.

Hi no problem @jwssnr, Can you try using the following soft-hyphen character in your Text field and see what shows up?


If that does not work, it might need to be entered as a span using an embed widget perhaps, but try first to enter that to a text field and then publish your site.

Cheers, Dave

@cyberdave That does not work because an HTML-entitie is in fact just a bunch of symbols like any word. I hope there is a way like [shift][spacebar] for non-breaking spaces. To embed a span is a solution but, sure, but to clunky.

To create a non breaking hyphen insert ‑ into your text line.


This is the reference I use when ever looking up HTML entities

Okay, now i got it.
I know what entities are and which one a soft hyphen is: That’s ­
(Sorry guys. My question was imprecise )
What i did not know, is that in webflow you can paste entities in any text and they will dropped to the HTML like they are. That’s awesome.
Typing, of course, will not work, because when you type in ­ webflow converts the ampersand at the beginning to its entity so at the end there stands ­ in the code, which means nothing.