Input form redirects straight to an email window with content already pasted in

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hope one of you could help me out: I want to implement an input form right in the middle of my first section. I was getting inspired by openai, where you can write anything in that form and by enter it redirects straight to the ChatGPT site with the content already pasted in. I want to achieve that with an E-Mail form, where you can type your question or whatever and by enter, it’ll automatically open an email window with the content already pasted in. So the submitter only has to send the mail.

I’m quite new here so I’d appreciate any help!!!

Thank you guys so much in advance! :slight_smile:

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For that you need custom code If you are not a developer you can hire one.

Anyway, Sending email this way will be confusing for every client who visit your site. Basic principle is click to link that will redirect client to eg. “contact-us” page.

Good luck

Hiring you e.g? I’m quite new so idk where haha

It also relies on user having an email client installed, and correct configuration of the browser, otherwise it will error & fail.

As Stan said, this isn’t a great approach. There is a reason no one does this on the web today.


No, sorry. But there are developers who may take this job.

Thank you so much guys! I’m a beginner and spend too much time on stuff that’s not important. Helped me a lot! :)