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Inline text style popup not appearing


I’m experiencing a bug with the popup inline style formatting menu for text.

The popup menu appears fine on text elements when I’m scrolled to the top of the page, but when I scroll down the page, the menu remains in the same fixed position, and does not scroll up with the paragraph. And when I edit a text element that is below the fold, no popup menu appears at all! This is really impacting on the use of the app, as I can’t add links or inline styles to most text elements on the page.

I’ve tested on Mac with Chrome and Safari and both have the same issue.

Scrolled to top – popup menu appears fine


Scrolled partially down the page – menu appears fixed to original position of paragraph element


Text element further down the page – menu does not appear at all




Here is my site Read-Only: **
(the issue can be seen on both the Good Fat and Goodwood pages)

I’m not quite sure what you’re going for here. Are we talking about the ‘directions’ menu? I’m not seeing a pop-up menu

No, the popup that appears above a word when you highlight text to add inline styles (e.g. bold/italic/link/span etc).

@jason_ascender, I see your issue. That looks like a big.

@PixelGeek @Brando can you guys take a look at this?

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Ah, okay, I get it now. You might want to report this through support.

@sarahfrison Thanks for the tip, I’ve just sent a bug report.

Hi @jason_ascender

Thanks very much for reporting this — and thanks @WebDev_Brandon for pinging us!

This definitely looks like a bug and I’ve reported it to our engineers. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with the details as we learn more.

​Thanks in advance for your patience.


Also getting this issue.

Must be a recent bug - thanks for looking into it!

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I’ve been experiencing this problem quite a lot lately. I’ve found that what the problem is, is that the popup tex styling window that appears when you highlight a word DOES NOT STAY in line with the text but appears lower and lower the farther the highlighted word appears down the page.

So, for example, a word highlighted in the first paragraph? No problem, the style popup is right there. After a few paragraphs however, the popup will be so low that it is no longer visible within the browser frame.

I’ve had to work around this by physically moving the paragraph I want to change up to the top of the page, making the style change on the highlighted span, and then physically moving it back down to the correct position. A real pain. This appears to be something you guys could easily fix. Can we please get this problem cleared up?


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Hi, @LJK!

Thanks so much for reaching out with more information!

The team is working on this for sure, but I don’t have a timeline on when a fix will be issued.

Someone from the team will post here as soon as we know more.


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