Inline Links causing weird line breaks


I have a large paragraph of text links that I would like to flow inline, so that there is not a “hard return” between items. I’ve got it looking 90% good. But, I can’t avoid some weird line breaks at certain window sizes. There are times when there is room for a word to jump up to the line above it but it doesn’t. I’d love to have a more even rag. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Will Thomas

Here is my public share link:

Browser: Chrome Version 46.0.2490.86 (64-bit)

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Still haven’t solved this. Any thoughts? I’m hoping to get this paragraph of links to flow like normal text, but when resizing the browser window, the lines will break at weird spots. I’d love to fix this soon!

This looks good…

But when I make the window smaller, there is a line break after the word “on”…

Here is my share link:


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Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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