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Inline 'email article to yourself' possible?


Just about to set up a brand new Webflow site/blog for the first time.

I’d like to have an inline text hyperlink at the top and bottom of articles that then reveal the ‘enter email’ textbox and allow the user to input an email address and send the article to themself (a bit like the implementation on this site: )

Ideally once the user clicks the initial text hyperlink they’d see an inline email address box (rather than modal) and would also have a checkbox option to tick ‘join our newsletter’ to add them to a general email list at same time if they wanted alongside just receiving the article.

Is this possible in Webflow?

(I have a Convertkit account already, and the option to purchase Sendfox if that wouldn’t work or could be easily done via integration).

Thanks alot!

No site yet - sorry!