Inline assets. How to do it?


The webs that I need to create are very simple landing pages. Most of them are one-page design.

The most important parameter for me is speed on mobile.

Thinking in that I just use the mobile portrait to design and I would like to know ho can unify the CSS, JS in the HTML file to have styles and JS in line.
In my experience, working with my CDN, CloudFlare, I get a speed up of my sites.


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This is not possible when hosting with Webflow, as the external scripts are generated separately.

Feel free to request here

Thank you @samliew samliew for your answer. My idea is export and host them in my own server.

When I export I got this:

Three CSS files


And two JS:


I would like to integrate all into index.html


Contents of CSS files go between



Contents of JS files go between



Put them just before closing </body></html> tag at the bottom of each page.

Thank you very much.

Any especial order with the three CSS files??

Every CSS file have to be in its own tag?


In the same order they were included in each file.

Wouldn’t make any difference either way.

Ok. Thanks you very much, for answer soy quickly. :slight_smile:

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