InLearnity prototype: Using the Webflow CMS for prototypes and MVPs

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am a huge fan of Webflow for more then a year now (started my first Webflow project in February 2014)

And considering how Webflow has evolved over the time, I am exited about whats coming in the next weeks and months.

But during my work on InLearnity (THE individual access to explore the whole diversity of educational and inspiring content) I asked myself:

What are the possibilities and limits, when we use Webflow not only for creating portfolio sites, blogs and landing pages, but for creating more complex websites and prototypes?

So I just wanted to share with you my experience with creating the prototype of InLearnity inside Webflow and would be happy about feedback :slight_smile:

Just take a look on how the prototype of InLearnity works (and the structure inside Webflow):

InLearnity - Behind the scenes - Prototype & Webflow

In addition: since the latest Webflow update for “Reference to same collection”, I also added the “related tags” feature. And if Webflow would´t have the restriction with a maximum of 3 reference fields inside a collection, I could also add “additional results” to search results:

InLearnity - Behind the scenes - New feature: Related tags (& feature requests for Webflow)

If you want to test the prototype of InLearnity, just do it. Explore the results and tags :slight_smile:

But remember, this is only a prototype IN DEVELOPMENT, with focus on the combination of search results and tags - for demonstration purpose only. No search function, just a few results and tags, some placeholders and bugs.

InLearnity prototype:

InLearnity prototype in responsive design tester:

User: webflow
Password: viewprototype

Until now InLearnity is a 1-man project. But apart from my concentration on how to finance the coming months of (continued) full-time working on InLearnity, I am also looking for team members / co-founders :slight_smile:

You can support me with a donation:

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And if you want to know more about InLearnity:


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