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Initial state in animation

Initial state in animations is not working for show/hide
It says that the object will be set to this state before the page is loading

This interaction is set in the “When page starts loading” and my hide interactions are set first in the
interaction to initial state and acording to doc, the object will be set to hidden before page load’s.

That is not true, the objects is showing up before they are hidden.

I have no read only link because i hade to remove that interaction and do it my way

If you want to se the project here is the share link. BUT before you can se the problem i need to change some things in the project, need to remove my fix. Let me know if you want me to do that.

One more thing, i have more the one interaction on the same object.

I have almost the same problem – but with a simple button animation.

White Text and Button-Outline set as initial, white background and colored text as hover-animation (same reversed as hover-out).

When I load the website (preview or live) I see the hover-state of the animation.

When hovering it switches to initial and starts the animation, from there everything is behaving normal…

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Hello @JanneWassberg!

Thanks for reaching out to us and I’m happy to help.

Could you create a duplicate of your site (with the reproduced bug) and send the preview link for me to troubleshoot?

@deinBaum, could you provide a preview link and the specific page/button you are seeing this behavior on?


Hi @Andrew

I have made a copy of the site here is the share link

Here is the published ling

I have removed my fix. On the start page when it loads you will quickly see the 3 boxes then they will be gone. Objeckt name for the boxex is ADB Feature. The animation with ini stat is on page load.

Hope this will help, let me know when you are done so i can remove my copy


Hi @JanneWassberg

I’m thinking… what if you go to your style panel and set your adb features to Display settings None (hidden)? When I preview it, it looks like it’s working. If you don’t want adb to ‘push’ product wrapper down, you could set adb wrapper to height px 400.
Maybe noe an ideal way to solve it… but looks like it’s working

@Sven_Erik_Slattedale that is what i did. I posted this only so webflow could find the BUG. According to webflow spec is should work as it is now



Oh, ok… I’m having the same problems, but I didn’t understand it was a bug. :thinking:

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@Sven_Erik_Slattedale here is the live site with the fix im using

Hi @Sven_Erik_Slattedale, @JanneWassberg, we are continuing to check this, thanks for the info. We are checking on this reported behavior, as soon as I have an update I will notify you immediately.


@JanneWassberg It looks good… it’s got a little tiny ‘push down’ on your product wrapper, but other than that, it looks good to me.

I’m running into this issue, as well.

Hi @lengua, I do not have an update yet, however I will get back as soon as I have a little more info on this or a fix.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @JanneWassberg, @lengua , we just pushed out a fix for the initial state issue, it will require a site republish to get the latest update active.

I hope this helps, let me know if any issues.

Hello Webflow community,

I am having an issue, I understand that it is linked to the loading of the website.

Page : Home (but this seems to happen on the other pages as well)

** Items appears as default even though they have an initial state locked**
I made this scrolling and loading animation for the home page, and the items should be set to be 0% opacity as initial state. But when the website loads, their appear for a split second, before entering their initial state for the animation scripts to begin.

This totally kills any effect and timing…

It also does something with the typeface loading briefly to the right one.

Is this related to Scrip loading time? Hierarchy? Or conflicts somewhere in between

Many thanks again…

Hi @Okidoki

i tried to reproduce the issue but was not able to. Can you post a GIF or a video of the issue? You can use something like

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@Okidoki and @PixelGeek this is the same problem reported before
Initial state in animation

Hey @PixelGeek, and @JanneWassberg

Thanks for reaching out and helping me.

Here is a short screencap.

When you see my mouse move up in the top left corner, I am refreshing the page.
And you see my name and the image briefly flickers.
Plus the loading animation somehow, remains grey, instead of being 100% opacity.

Let me know if that’s enough.


Hi @Okidoki, a fix was just pushed out, a site republish will be needed to get the latest updates applied. Let me know if any issues with the initial state or if there is anything else I can do to help.

Thanks in advance