Info pop-ups done efficiently

Hello everyone,
i have a grid (multiple of the same kind on one page) and each cell has an info button that opens additional information (show/hide animation). How do i do something like this efficiently without creating 50 different animation triggers eg?

Any help highly appreciated

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Either create a symbol with content overrides where you can change the content in each one, but only have to build the elements once. See this article

Or use a Collection List which will create a new item dynamically based on the items within your list. And then you only have to build one item once. See this article.

Fire the animation on class not an element as the trigger, if you warp it in a div you can use the parent/sibling option to make site when you hover over the element it tiggers only in DIV x and not the everywhere where that class is used.

@symbols, thanks for the input, but how do i get rid of the multiple animations i would still need to create?