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Hello all!

Not exactly sure how to do this. I’m trying to get this info popout section to scroll after it pops out.

After you open up the little info area, I would like it to scroll. I know how to make it pop out, just not sure how to make it scroll.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Would position ‘sticky’ be helpful? Not sure what you’re trying to create so I’m trying to figure out what would work best. Creating a sticky sidebar | Webflow University

Hi, @sarahfrison. I am trying to make the info div pop out and scroll the info div. I have not set up the interaction; I can’t seem to get it to work right.

Hi @chrisnice I had a look at your website and I’ve got to say, the way you’ve set this up is slightly confusing to me. Are you very familiar with webflow already? Some choices seem odd to me. I would build the homepage differently, I think the unusual choice of building is what’s causing issues here.

I have built this site in Webflow

And this site

So yea, I know Webflow a bit. Not a master yet. I am currently playing around to try and get it to adhere to the design. I have not built divs to be pushed over like that. I have made menus that overlay on top which is much easier. So as I am trying to figure it out I am playing around so someone coming in and looking at the file might see a mess as I’m trying to figure it out. But I would greatly appreciate an experts help on how to set it up.

I think I might almost got it. I have set the info-div set to a neither shrink nor grow. This might be more of challenge it make it responsive.

@sarahfrison I ended up figuring it out myself. Turns out if I need the bump out to happen in a certain direction I have to align the flexbox a certain. I had to wrap both container and div-info in that section-wrapper and flex align it to left on the parent element section-wrapper. I was surprised the experts did not get to it before I did. But I learned a lot :sunglasses::v:

Happy to hear you were able to figure it out @chrisnice . All of us ‘professionals’ on here help out on the forum in our spare time so we don’t always have time to dive into a project and figure it out on the spot.

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