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Infinite ticker animation

Hi Guys,

I have a ticker animation that was created using interactions but the thing is It’s not infinitely scrolling, meaning, it “snaps” every round.

What I’m trying to achieve is a smooth continuous infinite scroll, any suggestions will be welcomed!

Thank you!

See it here: GetKard


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey @igorginzburg your read only link isn’t working. Please fix it so anyone can take a look

Fixed, Thank you for the heads up!

Well, you’ve got the right idea of making two sets of logos but you need to manipulate them separately. What I mean is that you need to:

if you set up it in such a way that first set of logos is on the screen, visible, and second set is off the screen, to the right

  • move both sets to the left, until the first set is completely gone
  • instantly move first set (that is now invisible) to the right where the second set initially was
  • move both sets further to the left until second set is completely gone
  • instantly move second set to its initial location (off the screen to the right)
  • now you are where you started, so make it loop

Thank you Alex, i will try it out.

Let me know how that went!